Showcase WebApp

Showcase Web App

A showcase webapp by Evan Bond @DrawTalent. Download this app and see it’s full rich media functionality

bypass app distribution platforms
rich media functionality
multiple uses
web-apps are perfect for many things

This is a showcase app to give you an idea of the type of rich media content and functionality a webapp has to offer. It cycles quickly through the various rich media functions with explanations.

Essentially a webapp is an html5 based digital asset that resides on your phone like an app. They are a cross between an app and a microsite, but have the advantage of having no headers and footers or primary navigation – therefore using maximum phone real estate – and have all the rich media capabilities of a website.

It is just like any App you would get from the App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store or any other app distribution platforms – except with this app, you can bypass these platforms and host it on your own server, removing costs, waiting time, red tape and with the App Store of course there is the possibility the App may get rejected. So none of that nonsense to worry about here

See a video to get a flavour for what’s in this app

device sizes

Please download these apps on a mobile device.

large iphone download
small iphone download
large android download
small android download


Take a look at this walkthrough video to get a better idea of what a web app offers

Disclaimer: I am NO voice artist so apologies for the bad VoiceOver!

If you like what you see, feel free to contact me to discuss your project further