OK so this isn’t a blog – but more of a pre-blog! I have not got the time to overhaul and update my rather aged website AND write a blog, so I will briefly outline my blogging aspirations for the next year.

I will write a few blogs on the trials and tribulations of freelancing. As I have been a freelancer under the name of  DrawTalent as my own one-man band Limited Company for the last decade, I feel I have a lot of advice to furnish anybody that wants to make that frightening jump from full-time Big Agency creative to a freelancer tackling just about anything people throw at you.

There are pro’s (like no trains to catch!) and cons (like no REAL holiday and 18 hour shifts) and I will go through them all.

I also have in my mind a series of blogs called ‘Think like a Creative’ where I explain the myriad checkpoints Account Managers / Account Directors need to consider BEFORE briefing a Creative Team. I have enough shockingly bad briefs to choke Caligula’s horse so I want to give a few friendly pointers in what AD’s should ask client BEFORE getting creatives involved and how to compile that perfect brief – something I am fairly convinced has never existed!

I will also put together a glossary of terms that Creatives use – and Techy’s – and what they mean. Things like ‘Janet and John’ or ‘Take an eye out’ and of course I really should explain the difference between a microsite, a landing page, a website – or the common misconceptions (and massively varying opinions) between an interactive pdf and an e-book and an HTML5 coded online brochure.

I will also be slapping the odd infographic up – and a few more humorous blogs.

I will try to do one a month – but I am not promising anything! Life can get a tad busy.

So watch this space – I will be back soon 🙂

Doodle Dude Blogger