Hi, if you are on this page that means you are the lucky recipient of one of more of my logos 🙂

Below is a blow by blow explanation of what each file format is and how they are to be used

In this ZIP file are PRINT, WEB and OFFICE versions of your logo

The print files (ai and eps) will probably not open on your applications as they are for printers with specific design software. eps version is old school eps CCv3 which should open in most vector applications. If you require something even older I can resave the eps out as really, really old-skool Illustrator 8 or 10 files. Only users running the Millennium Falcon as a laptop or CorelDraw will need these file formats though! 🙂

The pdf will open or view in pretty much any program, Mac or PC.

And in the web folder we have jpg files and transparent png files – the transparent pngs are pretty handy as they work for online purposes like websites and can import into Office programs like Word, Powerpoint and Excel, and will come through transparent so you can have a colour or image behind it without that unsightly white block behind… so .png (pronounced ping) is king for MS office use.

PS: You will notice some of the web graphics have ‘@4x-100’ appended to the filenames. This is to enable them to be larger to allow for clear graphics on retina enabled screens where the screen resolution is that much higher

png files work best for MS Office applications.


I have also put SPOT colour print ready files in there for silkscreening use. Spot logos are separated into Pantone colours rather than using the usual CMYK colour process used for normal litho printing. If you do not have a spot colour version let me know and I can make one up for you.

Hope it works well for your purposes 🙂

If you have any queries, just email me

Oh and don’t forget I can design and artwork any stationery you may need to do with the logo on it 🙂