2023 Pricing policy

2023 has seen me onboarding some great new clients and a sizeable increase in my workload. Whilst I do my best to accommodate all requests, the ever-increasing demands on my time and expectations of faster and faster turnarounds means I have no option but to implement a rush rate scheme to justify the extremely long hours and weekend work that unexpected rush jobs result in.

To explain, my usual rate is £50/hr but a lot of the time I am having to ‘bump’ projects that have been briefed in with sufficient lead times in order to complete projects that land unexpectedly and need to be turned round in 24 hours or even less!

As I am booked up consistently 3- 5 days in advance I’m sure you can appreciate that rush jobs cause considerable disruption and have a serious knock-on effect in terms of my time and commitments.

My new rush rate charges can be seen below and will come into effect from 1st April. I look forward to continuing to work with all my clients into the future.